May 29, 2020  
2014-2015 Catalog 
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Directory: Office of the President


Guy Altieri, 2002

- B.A., M.A., Rowan University
- M.A., West Chester University
- M.A., Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Executive Assistant to the President
Barbara W. Roulette, 2002

- Certificate, Hagerstown Business College
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.S., University of Maryland University College

College Advancement

Executive Director for College Advancement
Stacey L. Lowman, 2012
- B.S., Towson University
- M.S., Mountain State University

Administrative Office Associate II
Cynthia A. Eyler, 1993
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Coordinator, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving
Lisa S. Stewart, 1991
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.A., Shepherd University

Coordinator, Campus Volunteers
Irene E. Young, 2009
- B.A., Wheeling Jesuit University
- M.S., American University
- M.Ed., George Washington University

Development Coordinator
Sarah E. Devlin, 2014
- A.A. Hagerstown Community College
- B.A. Shippensburg University                  
- M.A., California University of PA

Continuing Education & Business Services Division

Theresa M. Shank, 2010
- B.S., B.A., Shippensburg University
- M.B.A., Mount Saint Mary’s University

Executive Assistant I
Samantha L. Willard, 2009
- B.A., Shepherd University

Business Recruitment Specialist and Program Manager
Stephanie A. Hurd, 2011
- B.A., The Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College

Program Manager, Allied Health
Brian R. Rogers, 2014

- B.S., University of Toronto
- B.S.N., Concordia University
- Diploma, Health Care Administrators Master’s Program, University of Saskatchewan

Program Manager, Career and Licensure
Adrienne Summers, 2012
- B.A., M.S., Hood College

Program Manager, Information Technology Training
Jack A. Drooger Jr., 1999
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Computer Data Specialist
Mida V. Clipp, 2005
- A.S., Hagerstown Community College

Administrative Office Associates I
Kalina M. Gipe, 2013
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.A., Hood College
Kristin E. Holt, 2011
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
Kellie A. Koons, 2010
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Technical Innovation Center

Janice I. Riley, 2013
Technical Innovation Center Manager

Administrative Office Associate I, Technical Innovation Center
Mary J. Saum, 2006
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.A., University of Maryland

Valley Mall Center

Program Manager, Lifelong Learning
Anne C. Myers, 2000
- B.A., Temple University

Lead Office Associate - Valley Mall Center
Angela Kelley, 2011

- A.A.S., Blue Ridge CTC

Enrollment Assistants
Joyce W. Sollenberger, 2006

- L.P.N., Chambersburg LPN School
Tamara A. Stenger, 2006

Facilities Management & Planning

Jonathan G. Metcalf, 2013  
- B.S., Grove City College
- M.E. A., George Washington University

Office Support Associate
Shannon R. Kehne, 2011

Assistant Director, Facilities Management & Planning and Construction Manager
Gerard F. Rath, 2010

Facilities Project Coordinator
Dawn M. Baker, 2008
- A.A.S, Hagerstown Community College
- B.S, University of Maryland

Maintenance Technician I, Level 1 - Groundskeeper
Connie S. Kauffman, 2013

Maintenance Technician, Level I, Groundskeeper, part-time
Jeffrey L. Spielman, 2012

- B.S., UNC - Pembroke
- Master Equivalent - McDaniel College

Maintenance Supervisor
Donald C. Reiff, 2003
- Certificate, Journeyman Electrician

Maintenance Associates
Raymond W. Snow, 2005

Maintenance/Security Associates
Lawrence R. Flowers, 2005
Ronald L. Lucas, 1992

Maintenance Technician, Level I, Semi-Skilled Trades - HVAC
Richard E. Slaubaugh, 201

Maintenance Technician II, Skilled Trades Electrician/HVAC Controls Technician
Robert W. Perrow, 2012

Maintenance Technician II, Skilled Trades Plumber
Douglas C. Nicodemus, 2011

Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic
Michael W. Riley, 2004

Custodial Operations Supervisor
Peter S. Chapelle, 2010
-B.S., University of Maryland

Lead Custodian
Paul D. Boyd, 2010

Custodian/Security Associates
Donald W. Baker, 1988
James L. Bechtol, 2009

Norma J. Ebersole, 2012
Mark B. Frederick, 2011
Megan L. Fritz, 2009
Timothy M. George, 2011
Ann M. Gilles, 2010
Angelo J. Harrison, 2011
Sharon E. Jackson, 2012
Kevin E. Lee, 2005
Zachary K. Nave, 1996
Wade R. Needy, 2010
Susan A. Raber, 2001
Thomas C. Rickard, 1981
McKinley J. Roseby, 2013
Warren C. Sipes, 2008

Jose E. Valentin, 2013
David P. Wojciechowski, 2011

Custodial Workers
Ernest L. Cook, 2013

Custodial Worker, part-time
David M. Everly, Sr., 2014

Human Resources

Executive Director
Donna M. Marriott, 2008
- A.A., St. Leo’s University
- B.A., Baker College
- M.B.A., Mt. Saint Mary’s University

Fonda E. Franklin, 2002
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.S., Towson University

Human Resources Operations Specialist
Barbara A. Lease, 1988
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Human Resources Recruitment Specialist
Rosalynn R. Oberholzer, 2009
- A.A.S., Harcum College
- A.A.S., Hagerstown Community College

Human Resources Training & Evaluation Specialist
Faye L. Miller, 2011
- B.A., Lock Haven University

Online Education & Instructional Support Services

Associate Dean
Julian K. Horton, 2013
- B.M.E., Southwestern University
- M.M., Northwestern University
- Ph.D., New Mexico State University

Administrative Office Associate I
Meredith R. Sumner, 2013

- B.A., Cedarville University

Learning Technologies

Manager, Learning Technology
Peggy A. Hutson, 1989
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.A., Shippensburg University

Learning Technology Specialist
Peter D. Mathews, 2003

Learning Technology Technician
Aaron L. Kilmer, 2008
- B.S., Shepherd University

Learning Technology Technician, part-time
Erin L. Murray, 2013

- B.A., Cedarville University

Learning Technology System Specialist
Brenda K. Huffman, 1996
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.S., University of Maryland

Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

Dean, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Barbara E. Macht, 1984
- B.A., M.S., Hood College

Director, Grants Development
Anne M. Shepard, 2009
- B.S., Concordia University
- M.A., Georgetown University

Administrative Office Associate I, part-time
Deborah A. Power, 2007
- A.S., Hagerstown Community College

Director, Research and Assessment
Bradley G. Shepard, 2003
- B.S., B.S., Virginia Tech
- M.S., George Mason University

Information Specialist
Ryan A. Spurrier, 2012

- B.A., Mount Saint Mary’s College
- M.S., McDaniel College                                                                                

Evaluation Specialist
Tammy K. Strite
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Research Analyst
Linda K. Vrboncic, 1982

Research Associate
Dawn M. Reed, 1989
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College

Public Information & Government Relations

Elizabeth L. Kirkpatrick, 2000
- B.A., M.S., Shippensburg University

Social Media and Public Information Specialist
Leigh-Anne M. Lawrence, 2008
- A.A., Hagerstown Community College
- B.A., Shepherd University
- M.A., New England College

Multimedia Production Specialist
Sara A. Moore, 2013

- B.A., The Pennsylvania State University

Katharine R. Zajdel, 2011
- A.A.S., Allegany College of MD
- B.A., UMBC
- M.S., Duquesne University